Here is the complete documentation of my solo exhibition installation at Miboo Art Center, Busan. The show occupies two floors. Photography and editing by master photographer and digital wizard Brian Sunghun Park.

Show ends August 30, 2019.

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This and next two images:

DRAW, YOU FUCKER! 2019 Acrylic and marker on found, partially melted, plastic file cabinet, 33 X 30 X 35 cm

PARACHUTE BRICK-DROP 2019 Brick, bicycle hub and spokes, steel can, 86 X 23 X 23 cm

HELICOPTER (loosely based on Boeing Apache) 2019, vacuum cleaner, wooden window blind blades, metal 41 X 113 X 77 cm

TWO SQUID 2018 Acrylic on drawing paper pad spines and paper Each squid approximately 153 cm long

THREE HONEYBEE HEADS 2015 Office chair parts. Each head 41 X 49 X 54 cm.

SINKING LIFE BOAT 2019 Acrylic and marker on rubberized floor tile section. The ‘water’ pattern preexisting in the material. 45 x 70 cm.

WALKING MAN 2019 Acrylic and marker on rubberized floor tile section. The ‘sky’ and ‘reflective water surface’ preexisting in the material. 74 X 116 cm.

HEAD WITH HAT 2018 Acrylic on wood, with chair sections, PVC, metal, electrical chord. 42 x 58 X 122 cm.

EL GORDO DUCHAMPO (title by Brian Sullivan) 2019 Wood, children’s bicycle wheel, children’s stool. 69 x 31 X 31 cm.

DAMSELFLY HEAD 2019 Honeybee hive panels, car lamps, car logo, car grills, fallen cat whiskers, mannequin scalp, acrylic. 50 x 150 X 97 cm.