Hello all.

The year 2020 was a bad year for almost everyone, myself included. I stopped painting entirely and only got my game back since January 2021, after Joe Biden had officially won the presidential election. Since that time I have been working on my new block of paintings titled WHO AM I?

From June 22 to July 4, Will Pertz, a musician and digital sound installation artist, and myself are renting out the cavernous Daejeon Gallery, here in Daejeon, South Korea, for a 12 day ongoing live painting and music performance. During that time I will continue to work on ‘Who Am I?’, finish works, start new ones, and spread them all out to get a good look at all of it before it is finally documented by my photographer friend.

Also participating is Boon, a native Korean painter, and other artists are welcome to find a wall and create.

The gallery was formerly a gymnasium, part of a larger school complex built during the Japanese occupation. I will recreate the Ossining, New York studio experience, back in 2013, when I was able to run in what was a former Opera house. I will turn the gallery into a public studio, bringing all my equipment and supplies.